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  1. JockeMS

    ZU Shiftry (Done)

    I've been busy for a few days, let's get one of these done. Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Shiftry is one of the tier's most potent offensive threats due to its fantastic offensive typing, amazing movepool, and good offensive stats. Furthermore, Shiftry thrives in a metagame where passive...
  2. JockeMS

    lol, nice. Thanks, man.

    lol, nice. Thanks, man.
  3. JockeMS

    Tauros [QC 2/2, GP 2/2]

    That's exactly what I'm talking about and what my change refers to. EDIT: Let's do this. "Earthquake also gives Tauros a safe move to hit both Chansey and Rock-types, which elimates the need to predict a switch with Body Slam or Blizzard in certain situations." Add that instead.
  4. JockeMS

    Tauros [QC 2/2, GP 2/2]

    It's the switches you're talking about when you're bringing up mind games, no? Otherwise that sentence should probably be removed completely because you already cover that it's a safer move against them before that.
  5. JockeMS

    ZU Silvally-Fighting [Done]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Silvally-Fighting's high Speed tier, adequate offense, good coverage, and access to Defog and U-turn make it a very solid pick for many teams in ZU. A good matchup against the tier's most common entry hazard setters in Golem and Probopass makes Silvally-Fighting one of...
  6. JockeMS

    1v1 Mega Slowbro [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2] [Ready]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Mega Slowbro is one of the most consistent setup stall Pokemon in the 1v1 metagame. With naturally monstrous Defense, it can tank neutral attacks from the strongest physical attackers in the tier, such as Mega Charizard X, Flyinium Z-boosted Fly Dragonite, and Mega...
  7. JockeMS

    M&M Zeraora [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Zeraora is a potent offensive threat in the metagame with its great Attack and outstanding Speed, allowing it to outspeed threats such as Blastoisenite and Red Orb Darkrai, Metagrossite Kartana, and Diancite Tapu Lele. Zeraora can use a Pinsirite set, which gives it a...
  8. JockeMS

    M&M Tapu Lele [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] The incredible ability Psychic Surge allows Tapu Lele to act as a check to Extreme Speed users and gives it the ability to support priority-weak members of its team. Psychic Terrain also gives a potent boost to Psychic-type attacks, which alongside strong STAB moves and...
  9. JockeMS

    Chansey [QC 2/2, GP 2/2]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Chansey is a staple in the RBY metagame, present in on nearly 100% of competitive teams. The reason for its extreme popularity mostly lies in its gargantuan special bulk neutralizing Psychic-types, an otherwise incredibly difficult task without using Psychic-types of your...
  10. JockeMS

    Volbeat NU Revamp

    [Overview] Volbeat carves a niche in the metagame via not only its unique access to Tail Glow but also its capability to Baton Pass Special Attack boosts to teammates. Notable resistances to Fighting and Ground further let it reliably take on Pokemon such as Hitmonchan locked into Sky Uppercut...
  11. JockeMS

    Battle Spot Greninja Revamp

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Greninja's stats may seem mediocre, but much like any accomplished ninja, it's second to none at assassination thanks to a wide variety of unique tools! The most prominent of these tools is its ability Protean, which functionally gives it STAB on every attack in the game...
  12. JockeMS

    Doubles Togedemaru [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]

    Add Remove Usage Tips ======== Togedemaru can easily be KOed by double targeting, especially before Trick Room is set, so it is crucial to protect or switch out Togedemaru on turns where its partner can't deal with at least one of the opposing Pokemon. Outside of Trick Room, Togedemaru can...
  13. JockeMS

    RU Porygon2

    Add Remove **artwork is mine** [OVERVIEW] Porygon2 is one of the most physically bulky Pokemon in RU thanks to the combination of its very good physical bulk that is further boosted by Eviolite.[add] along with Access to Recover, which lets it stay healthy throughout a match and allows it to...
  14. JockeMS

    ZU Altaria

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Altaria is one of the premier Defog users in the tier. It differentiates itself from other entry hazard removers such as Silvally-Water, Komala, Silvally-Fighting, and Swanna through its combination of resistances, ability in Natural Cure, outstanding overall bulk, and...
  15. JockeMS

    ZU Simipour

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Simipour is one of the strongest special wallbreakers in ZU, with high Special Attack, a great Speed tier, and access to Nasty Plot. Backing this up is a good movepool, with an incredibly strong STAB move in Hydro Pump and great coverage moves like Ice Beam and Focus...
  16. JockeMS

    Battle Spot Gliscor [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Gliscor holds an excellent niche in Battle Spot Singles as both a stall Pokemon and stallbreaker, often being used for both roles at at the same time. The combination of Poison Heal and its decent Speed tier makes it very difficult to break through Gliscor once it sets up...
  17. JockeMS

    Zapdos [DONE]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Zapdos is without a doubt the best Electric-type in the metagame,[remove] thanks to its high stats and two powerful moves in Thunderbolt and Drill Peck. It is an incredible late-game sweeper, being a mixed attacker on top of having access to Agility. However, Rhydon and...
  18. JockeMS

    Yo, thanks dude!

    Yo, thanks dude!
  19. JockeMS

    OU Calm Mind Tapu Lele (revamp)

    >:( Add Remove [SET] name: Calm Mind move 1: Psychic / Psyshock move 2: Moonblast move 3: Focus Blast move 4: Calm Mind item: Fightinium Z ability: Psychic Surge nature: Timid evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== Psychic is preferred on Fightinium Z variants for the...
  20. JockeMS

    Exeggutor [QC 2/2, GP 2/2]

    Add Remove [OVERVIEW] Exeggutor is widely considered to be the fourth best Pokemon in the RBY metagame as well as the best sleeper available. A combination of Explosion, Sleep Powder, and Psychic, in addition to unique typing and solid base stats,[add] makes it an easy pick for a large number...